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Wed Mar 1 21:45:49 CET 2017

Mikael Abrahamsson <swmike at> writes:

> Let me put it this way, I have personally found an anon-ftp server with
> company confidential documents on it, that was reachable from the
> outside without the owners knowledge, because there was a port-forward
> in the residential gateway that the owner wasn't actively aware of, and
> the NAS had anon-ftp turned on without the owners active knowledge.

Just take a look at many university networks. The ones I know use
public IPv4 space, no NAT and many times not firewalls. Now take one of
those scanner / printer thinks with anon FTP saving all document
scanned on their local disk drive. Or power full laser with a power
supply accessible via SNMP private. I think many people are accustomed
to the "security" they get from NAT and don't think that there is
anything else. 

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