question regarding over the counter devices

Wed Mar 1 09:54:06 CET 2017

Yes, CEs used for residential and SMEs.

In all the products I’ve seen, IPv6 was even on by default (again, IPv6-on, firewall-on, but by default). For example, this is true for several FTTH (with and without embedded ONT) and DSL CPEs that Spanish providers deliver to customers, even if they don’t provide IPv6 yet. I’ve seen the same situation in several of my customers, recently in Latin and Central America countries.

I’ve looked at different models of about 11-12 vendors, but was just using/configuring them, so not on purpose for checking this matter. I’m talking about my memory collection from about 4-5 years ago, so will not be easy to remember exact models/firmware versions, etc. In my own home, I’ve right now access to 4 vendors, 5 products in total, and all them have the IPv6 firewall on by default. I’ve another one from TP-Link that I believe was on, but it has been reflashed with OpenWRT first, now to LEDE, so I can’t check it anymore … Of course, OpenWRT/LEDE have it on by default.

I’m not sure if they keep a record of that, but may be Tim/Erica (in copy) from UNH, that perform IPv6 Ready certification, have this detail in some kind of statistics? May be even they can ask the other labs that do the testing worldwide.


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    On Wed, 1 Mar 2017, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
    > IPv6 firewall non-on by default. I’ve not seen that myself in any product up to now.
    How many products have you looked at? We're still talking about home 
    routers now, right?
    I just checked Netgear R6100. Factory default has "IPv6 disabled", when I 
    change it to "Auto Detect" the setting "IPv6 filtering" is "secured" by 
    So this seems to be same thing that you've been seeing.
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