IOS 10 (?) and IPv6-only WLAN

Bernhard Schmidt berni at
Thu Oct 20 16:16:35 CEST 2016


Update for the archive:

After several people mailed me that this setup should be working I
tested a bit further. It turned out that most of the time (not always)
the iPad was not answering Neighbor Solicitations sent from the router.
Since our WLAN solution (Alcatel =~ Aruba) does some fancy things with
Multicast in general and particularly IPv6 neighbor solicitations I
wasn't sure whether the Wireless setup was faulty.

Someone sent me a very nice link on how to debug this (essentially run
tcpdump on the iPad, see

Running this revealed that the iPad did indeed receive the Neighbor
Solicitation but completely ignored it. See

This seems to be caused by our special setup not setting the on-link
flag in the RA (since the wireless clients can't talk to each other
anyway they are supposed to send all traffic to the router). I assume
this triggers some sort of spoofing protection on the iPad, since the
source address of the NS is global and (according to the routing table)
not on-link.

I'm not sure who is at fault here (the RFC editors, me, Cisco or Apple),
but changing to the more standard on-link=1 RA fixed the issue for us.


On 13.10.2016 10:45, Bernhard Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> for a couple of years now we have been running an IPv6-only eduroam on
> Campus for testing purposes. We use the following setup
> - VLAN terminated on Cisco N7k
> - wireless clients can't talk to each other
> - no IPv4 at all on the network (blocked by Wireless ACLs)
> - /64 SLAAC, on-link flag in RA not set
> - O-bit set in RA (stateless DHCPv6)
> - DHCPv6 relay to ISC DHCP, handing out a dedicated DNS64 resolver
> - DNS64 resolver on BIND 9.9, with our own network specific NAT64 prefix
> (not 64:ff9b::/96)
> - NAT64 gateway with Tayga on Linux
> The setup works quite well Linux, Windows (as well as NAT64/DNS64
> without 464XLAT works). It doesn't work on Android due to lack of DHCPv6
> of course. I think I had tested it with IOS 9.something and it worked
> there as well.
> Today we've received a report that IOS 10 devices cannot use it. I tried
> myself with an iPad running IOS 10.0.2 and I'm unable to use it either.
> - device does not show any errors about internet connectivity
> - device configures two IPv6 addresses and router from RA
> - device receives DNS64 nameserver from stateless DHCPv6
> - device eventually configures an autoconf IPv4 address (169.254.x.x)
> without a gateway
> - I see A/AAAA DNS queries to the DNS64 server
> - neither IPv4 nor IPv6 nor dualstacked websites work, the browser just
> times out. I cannot see any network activity of the device (but it's
> hard to tell, since I'm currently at home)
> I don't have an older iOS device to crosscheck.
> Does anyone have any ideas what could be wrong?
> Bernhard

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