Linux and ULA support and default route

Holger Zuleger Holger.Zuleger at
Fri Oct 14 13:57:39 CEST 2016

> If the delegated prefix changes, you'll be simply postponing the local
> communication failure, not prevent it.
Only if the new prefix is different to the old one.

> The last year has convinced me that the best user experience is
> achieved by having an in-home stable ULA prefix to complement the
> ISP-delegated global prefix[es] [if any], and that all the internal
> hostnames should resolve to the IPv6 addresses assigned from the ULA
> prefix.
Yes, but this is probably a bit different to the AVM behavior. I have in
mind that the default configuration on Fritzboxes is to announce the ULA
*only* if the upstream is down. Then your local active sessions breaks


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