Samsung phones block WiFi IPv6 when sleeping, delayed notifications

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Wed Jun 10 07:33:08 CEST 2015


We have noticed that Samsung Android phones and tablets on dual-stack
IPv4/IPv6 WiFi experience delayed Google notifications when the screen is
This issue is blocking the enabling of IPv6 across our large campus WiFi

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour and escalated this to Samsung,
or found a fix?

Our Samsung liaison person today said


IPv6 packets are getting filtered due to the current consumption issue
while device is in sleep mode.

*IPv6 Concept of Samsung models:*

When device enters the sleep mode, current implementation is that all the
IPv6 packets from AP are getting blocked. All IPv4 and IPv6 packets are
received while the LCD is on, however LCD off will be in blocked mode.

This is because some of the current AP in markets introduces unnecessary
IPv6 Multicast packets, which in turn wake up the devices which are in
sleep mode, causing the issue of increase in the current consumption.

Therefore a feature is applied on WiFi driver to filter off all IPv6 packets
while in sleep mode.


I have requested , How to activate that filter on for all IPv6 packets even
when device at sleep mode. So far, it seems like it’s a permanent
implementation and filter is not customizable for configuration.

This problem has been raised before.  See
Hi, this is a serious bug in the WIFI driver of several Samsung Android
phones, which prevents IPv6 enabled WLAN networks to work correctly. The
phone is almost unuseable (while in standby mode) if it is part of a IPv6
enabled wireless, because the lower level link protocol misses to update
routing information and neighbourhood discovery.

*This is really a serious IPv6 problem on the broadcom-wifi samsung phones
that should be solved by a coming firmware update for the wifi radio
firmware or kernel driver. In the current state, Samsung phones with that
problem cannot be used in IPv6 enabled wifi networks - and you have no
chance to disable IPv6 on the phone!!!*
--- , Jul 31, 2013 08:46

Blocking packets of IPv6 when screen is off is intended because battery
runs down rapidly due to increasing standby power.

End-users can connect to networks continually by IPv4.

Best Regards,
Samsung Developers

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