Question: connect to IPv6 site via http proxy using literal IPv6 address?

David Forrest mapleparkdevelopment at
Mon Feb 16 21:08:27 CET 2015

And another fail.  It appears my cloud will not allow me to add a literal
address to my server so maybe it doesn't/won't work.  It doesn't really
bother me as I don't think my intended visitors even know what an IP
address (v4 or V6) is!  And that one that does will just call me.


On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 1:47 PM, David Forrest <
mapleparkdevelopment at> wrote:

> It is possible that the server at the literal address uses the virtual
> name to serve the page from that address.  I do so in an IPv6 enabled cloud
> machine.  Since the name I wanted served is by a server that serves several
> sites depending on the name,  trying to do what you asked resulted in me
> getting the default page per my server config.  Now I'll go back and add
> the literal address as a separate virtual name.  Thanks for bringing my
> config error to my attention as I had intended that server to serve it and
> had only put up the dns entry to tell it to go there.  Others may have done
> so also and if so, you'd get their default page.
> On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 12:03 PM, Clinton Work <Clinton.Work at>
> wrote:
>> I just tried the following scenario via a dual-stack squid proxy and it
>> worked fine.  I doubt you will see very many IPV6 literals on web sites.
>> The chrome browser in this case just passed off the URL "as is" to the
>> squid proxy server.
>> 1424108320.965    162 TCP_MISS/301 646 GET http://[2001:470:0:1f9::2]/
>> - HIER_DIRECT/2001:470:0:1f9::2 text/html
>> The web server redirected the client to
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>> Subject: Question: connect to IPv6 site via http proxy using literal IPv6
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>> Dear IPv6 experts,
>> what is your experience with a situation such as this:
>>         *  IPv4-only client in IPv4-only subnet running a web browser
>>         *  this client accesses the Internet via a local HTTP proxy,
>> connects to it via IPv4 (of course)
>>         *  the Proxy is dual-stack "on the outside", i.e. can talk v4 and
>> v6 towards the Internet
>> What happens if the user on the client tries to open a web site with a
>> literal IPv6 address in the URI?
>> Will the URI still get passed to the http proxy "as is" as it would
>> happen with URIs that contain a host name?
>> Or can/will the client's browser get into trouble in this situation
>> (seeing an IPv6 address, but not having IPv6 itself)?
>> Thanks for enlightenment
>> Carsten
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