Question: connect to IPv6 site via http proxy using literal IPv6 address?

David Forrest mapleparkdevelopment at
Mon Feb 16 20:47:11 CET 2015

It is possible that the server at the literal address uses the virtual name
to serve the page from that address.  I do so in an IPv6 enabled cloud
machine.  Since the name I wanted served is by a server that serves several
sites depending on the name,  trying to do what you asked resulted in me
getting the default page per my server config.  Now I'll go back and add
the literal address as a separate virtual name.  Thanks for bringing my
config error to my attention as I had intended that server to serve it and
had only put up the dns entry to tell it to go there.  Others may have done
so also and if so, you'd get their default page.

On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 12:03 PM, Clinton Work <Clinton.Work at>

> I just tried the following scenario via a dual-stack squid proxy and it
> worked fine.  I doubt you will see very many IPV6 literals on web sites.
> The chrome browser in this case just passed off the URL "as is" to the
> squid proxy server.
> 1424108320.965    162 TCP_MISS/301 646 GET http://[2001:470:0:1f9::2]/
> - HIER_DIRECT/2001:470:0:1f9::2 text/html
> The web server redirected the client to
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> Subject: Question: connect to IPv6 site via http proxy using literal IPv6
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> Dear IPv6 experts,
> what is your experience with a situation such as this:
>         *  IPv4-only client in IPv4-only subnet running a web browser
>         *  this client accesses the Internet via a local HTTP proxy,
> connects to it via IPv4 (of course)
>         *  the Proxy is dual-stack "on the outside", i.e. can talk v4 and
> v6 towards the Internet
> What happens if the user on the client tries to open a web site with a
> literal IPv6 address in the URI?
> Will the URI still get passed to the http proxy "as is" as it would happen
> with URIs that contain a host name?
> Or can/will the client's browser get into trouble in this situation
> (seeing an IPv6 address, but not having IPv6 itself)?
> Thanks for enlightenment
> Carsten
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