Why do we still need IPv4 when we are migrating to IPv6...

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On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 10:41:05AM +0100, Ole Troan wrote:
> >> When will IPv6 provide me as an end-user with more "value" than what my current NATed IPv4 connection does?
> > 
> > Today!
> But that's "better value" by making IPv4 work less good. and I'll 
> postulate that we can make A+P / shared IPv4 work good enough that 
> end-users who are trained to live behind a NATs will not notice.

For me, IPv6 has always been about "IPv4 does not have enough addresses,
and as a consequence of that, pain and avoidable cost ensues".

Thus, I'm not sure we do ourselves a favour by making IPv4-cludges so good
that the pain is hidden well enough - the fact that Kabel Deutschland is
breaking SIP is causing quite a bit of pain at one of the bigger german
SIP providers, who are rumoured to look into IPv6 deployment now...

> For me I would get added value when I could deploy IPv6 only services at home, e.g. mail, XMPP, web, SIP... VPN.
> And I could reach my own home whenever I'm travelling.

I can see that, and of course I have that for IPv4 already :-) - but
I claim that this is actually not something most (for wild handwaving
values of "most") users want, given that normal end users just don't 
run services at home, might not even have always-on components at all
(readers of this list are not "normal end users", your parents might be).

One of the major benefits of IPv6 I see for SOHO users is the homenet 
architecture with multihoming, SADR and service/ISP selection *by the 
application* ("use cable ISP for bittorrent, use DSL for web browsing").

We're not there yet, though...

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