Looking for a Microsoft person who can help w/ v6 and Office365 email

Xavier Beaudouin kiwi at oav.net
Thu Apr 2 11:04:43 CEST 2015


> I guess I don't understand why this is an IPv6 issue.
> You said:
> "...we've discovered that there are sporadic failures even when there
> are valid SPF records...""
> If there are sporadic failures internally in Microsoft how can they
> guarantee that those sporadic failures will go away if you change to
> IPv4?
> They can't.


> You called Microsoft and gave their support team a fair chance to fix
> the problem.  They didn't.  Cut your losses and move on.  There are
> plenty of other cloud providers who are offering email that works.  By
> the time Microsoft finally fixes O365 you will be retired and so will I.
> How long did it take for them to fix all the bugs in the Outlook mail
> client?

My 0,02€, when you use clouded services you have industrial services, so don't even expect having nice QOS or fixed stupid issues. 
Remember of postmaster that has been crazy with bloody hotmail services that loosed mail or even don't be able to have their mail arrived on time.

If mail is really important : use dedicated servers like a Zimbra for example on your office or even on a hoster company.
It can be cheaper than O365 or other and gets better services (and debug).

Now using "clowd" services is a choice and you should pay issues with them.

IP has the ability to have the possiblity to host yourself your services (eg an IP can be a client or a server), so why continue to centralize services ? SDSL or Fiber access are going to be cheap... So use them.


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