Google IPv6 measurements in Europe appear heading down...

Tore Anderson tore at
Fri Oct 24 10:32:24 CEST 2014

* erik.taraldsen at

> Telenor Norway has had an pretty steep growth in IPv6 enabled
> subscribers since the summer.  We are the larges ISP in Norway, so
> rollouts we do usually are somewhat reflected in the graphs.  On the
> fixed access (DSL and fiber) we had approx. 60.000 lines 1. oct.
> Today (24.oct) we have more than 100.000 lines activated.  Yet the
> graph for Norway shows an flattening in the same time period.

I've been somewhat puzzled about Google's Norway graph as well. If you
zoom in, there is a dramatic increase between the 25th of September and
the 7th of October, from 4.22% to 5.85%. In the same period, my own
data from VG has been rather stable, peaking at about 4.5% (see

I do see a more gradual increase during October due to
Telenor's roll-out (see, especially visible in the
last few weeks. However, as Erik points out, in the same period (after
the 7th of October), the Google graph has hardly moved. Very odd.


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