Teredo sunset - did it happen?

Darren Pilgrim list_ipv6-ops at bluerosetech.com
Mon Nov 17 18:43:50 CET 2014

On 11/17/2014 7:06 AM, Phil Mayers wrote:
> All,
> ISTR that Teredo was going to be sunset, Microsoft having tested
> removing the DNS name "teredo.ipv6.microsoft.com".
> (Ignoring the Xbox One stuff here - just the windows desktop
> server/relay stuff)
> However, my Windows 7 machine is still resolving that name and forming a
> Teredo address, and setting an IPv6 default route via that tunnel - I
> can see Teredo-encap'd router-solicit and router-advert messages being
> sent and received.
> No traffic flows however - the Teredo "direct connect" tests are all
> failing (no reply to the ICMPv6 echo). So I've got a broken IPv6 tunnel :o/
> Any ideas what's going on? Microsoft, anyone care to comment?

Microsoft released an Windows Update for the prefix policy table.  The 
update dropped Teredo's precedence to lower than IPv4.

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