So, time for some real action?

Andrew  Yourtchenko ayourtch at
Fri Feb 7 12:23:22 CET 2014

On 2/6/14, Jen Linkova <furry13 at> wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 11:05 PM, Andrew 👽  Yourtchenko
> <ayourtch at> wrote:
>> Maybe transforming this into a "taking a day off and using this time
>> to educate the others and help them with their IPv6 deployment" could
>> be a better option ?
>> Take a day off because you can't do work without IPv6 and then use
>> this time to configure an IPv6-only SSID with NAT64 on a network where
>> you *do* have control (may be still a different segment at work, or
>> maybe your home network) or test a couple of apps and submit bug
>> reports  - how does this sound ?
> *This* sounds much better that the original idea of breaking things, I'd
> say.

Can you (or someone else reading this :) take a shot at a less clumsy
wording than I managed to produce, so that it would be good enough to
tweak the text on AVAAZ ?

Then I'll put it there and hopefully avoid more misunderstandings.

> ...hmmm...should such a day off be classified as 'for religious reasons'?
> ;)))

ouuuugh now that was a dangerous one ! :-)))


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> SY, Jen Linkova aka Furry

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