Over-utilisation of v6 neighbour slots

Benedikt Stockebrand bs at stepladder-it.com
Fri Oct 25 15:17:18 CEST 2013

Hi Andrew and list,

Andrew Yourtchenko <ayourtch at gmail.com> writes:

> <rant>

ok, I'll bite:

> I presume that those who want ultimate privacy have inspected
> their browsers to not do evercookies[1],

Yuck.  Good thing only the Internet thing needs this, not e-mail.  Oh,

Anyway, there are things on the Internet beyond HTTP/s and HTML...

> removed any features in their browsers identifying them via the
> fingerprint,

Actually, there *are* people doing this...

However, pointing at somebody else screwing up as badly as oneself
doesn't help any.  With IPv6 we've had a rare occasion to deal with this
problem properly at the network layer; if anybody tries to replace the
HTTP/s and HTML combo with some new design, I sure hope they will
address their side of the problem, too, so the problem might be solved
there in as little as 20+ years...

> and ensured that the call-home feature of their favourite operating
> system and the apps is deactivated,

Same issue, only worse.  Within the IETF/W3C and similar, there's some
sort of chance that they at least understand the issues involved here.
Chances are getting slimmer with OS vendors, worse with browser
developers/vendors, and next to null (for \epsilon < 0) with apps

> as well as taking care that they manually reconfigure the
> new mac address on each new connection. </rant>

Come on, you know that this is unfair.  The MAC address is only visible
on-link (except through EUI64-based IIDs), so the damage here is
severely restricted, especially in an environment that is seriously

If we wanted to do this properly, why not switch from Ethernet to PPPoE
all the way---with PPP there are no MAC addresses, and on pointopoint
links we could use 0:0:0:0:0:1 for the router/RAS and 0:0:0:0:0:2 for
the end device in all cases...



PS: Sarcasm markup left as an exercise to the so inclined reader.

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