Microsoft: Give Xbox One users IPv6 connectivity

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Thu Oct 10 14:49:06 CEST 2013

On 2013-10-10 00:02, Christopher Palmer wrote:
> John and Lorenzo beat me to it J.
> Example:
> Samantha has native IPv6 and Teredo.
> Albert has Teredo only.

But what do you do with the more and more common case[1] where one gets
native IPv6 and IPv4-over-DSlite; especially considering the high rate
of connection problem over that IPv4 path? This as the dslite gateways
are heavily overloaded as most destinations (read: http/bittorrent) are
IPv4 only. Will then Teredo be used which is broken or the perfectly
working IPv6 native path?

Getting out over native IPv6 in that specific scenario will be the
better thing to do.

>From that perspective, applying the Apple-variant of Happy Eyeballs will
be beneficial. It will mean that one will have to expose all the
possible IPv4 and IPv6 addresses amongst peers so that they can try out
the variant combinations. SCTP or MP-TCP might be a good fit there too.

[1] German ISPs like Unitymedia, which is part of UPC/LibertyGlobal and
thus it is expected when that trial pans out that all other countries
where UPC is located will be following down that rabbit hole too....

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