Microsoft: Give Xbox One users IPv6 connectivity

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I appreciate the enthusiasm :).  

As a general principal, providing native IPv6 to the end-user device will reduce the support cost to a network operator - because gamers do call their ISP if they can't get things working.

There are some network effects that complicate the story. Inevitably we have to use Teredo for lots of P2P, because IPv6 is so rare. You might have IPv6, but if your peer doesn't - alas. Also, address selection is sensitive to policy that we'll be tuning as the Xbox One launch progresses.

Separate from the reliability, complexity, and troubleshooting costs of IPv4 P2P - native IPv6 gives you a significant increase in effective bandwidth if utilized, because we drop the IPv4 and UDP header for Teredo. 

We're really hoping to see more network operators follow the lead of Comcast, Free, Google Fiber, others - and push IPv6 into the residential market.

More technical details, (but less pictures) are at

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> So Xbox One is actually the first (at least well-known) device/network/service/etc that uses IPv6 the way it was supposed to be, with IPSec?

Apple's Back to my Mac (documented in RFC6281) and Microsoft's DirectAccess both run over IPv6 (tunneling over IPv4 when necessary) and both use IPsec.


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> Tassos
> Tore Anderson wrote on 9/10/2013 23:54:
>> pdf
>> Quoting from slide 2:
>> <Network operators that want to provide the best possible user 
>> experience for Xbox One Users:
>> * Provide IPv6 Connectivity>
>> Gamers tend to be a demanding bunch. I can tell from a ton of forum 
>> posts and such that a common problem of theirs is that the Xbox (360) 
>> reports the <NAT Type> as being <Moderate> or even <Strict>. If word 
>> gets around in those communities that a reliable remedy for such 
>> problems is to switch to an ISP that supports IPv6...
>> Kudos to Chris and Microsoft!
>> Anyone have any information on the PS4?
>> Tore

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