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Kurt Jaeger ipv6-ops at
Fri May 10 12:52:10 CEST 2013


> > Which locations are those, lets discuss that, find those ISPs and help
> > them get native connectivity.

> One of them is Lebanon. All international connections must go
> through the incumbent telco, and they don't/won't do IPv6. Annoying,
> insane, but a fact of life for the ISPs in such countries. So all
> the ISPs that do IPv6 have to do it with tunnels to HE, OCCAID etc.

So a list with difficult countries and cities and the problematic
carriers, somewhere on a webpage ? And some bigwigs from the ISOC/IETF/ITU 8-)
or so that start to get in touch with the problematic carriers ?

Or does that sound too easy ?

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