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On Monday, July 01, 2013 06:23:03 PM Jim Pingle wrote:

> Sure. A purely routed IPv6 setup was one of the first
> things to work well on 2.1.
> We do not do any NAT on IPv6 by default, there is NPt if
> someone really needs to do that, but it's all manual.
> And the settings for IPv4 and IPv6 are independent, you
> can do NAT on IPv4 while routing IPv6.

Excellent, Jim!

Looking forward to 2.1.

I suppose the other thing I'll then be thinking about is how 
end-users are assigned IPv6 address information.

Typical deployments have tended to use SLAAC with DHCPv4 for 
the DNS. I've previously done SLAAC with DHCPv6 for DNS. 
>From what I can see on doc.pfsense.org, I see pfSense will 
support stateful address assignments using DHCPv6, in 
addition to SLAAC.

Would you be able to confirm whether 2.1 or later will 
support DNS via DHCPv6 as well, as well as DHCP-PD?

I suppose, for now, the default gateway will need to be 
assigned via SLAAC, the one thing about DHCPv6 I still don't 
find amusing.



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