option 212 for 6RD

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Fri Jan 18 11:32:52 CET 2013

* Ivan Pepelnjak

> The original question was "how do I deploy residential CPE with 6rd 
> with minimum support costs"

No, the original question was more along the lines of:

«What happens if I just turn on 6RD by enabling DHCP option 212? Are
some CPEs likely to misbehave and make my subscribers unhappy?»

> Do we all agree reduced MTU on LAN side advertised in RA messages is
> the best solution given current state of reality?

>From a purely technical standpoint, agreed.

That said, if you read between the lines of the original question, it
suggests: «I have no control over my subscribers' CPEs». Which makes the
LAN MTU solution extremely impractical to deploy. In that situation, the
solution that is the most likely to yield the best effect, would be to
enable TCP MSS clamping for 6RD traffic on the BR (or somewhere else in
the ISP's core network). IMHO.

Tore Anderson

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