Congratulations to Germany, Netherlands and Portugal ;-)

Marco Davids mdavids at
Tue Jan 8 19:39:21 CET 2013

Op 08-01-13 16:01, Thorsten Dahm schreef:
> Am 12/17/12 10:57 AM, schrieb Benedikt Stockebrand:
>> but at this point I really wonder how ISPs are intending to deal with
>> customers starting e.g. BitTorrent clients
>> that need 750 connections each
> My guess is: they don't until it happens the first time. When it
> happens, they run to their vendor and just buy another firewall to
> block the "bad" traffic. :-)
I wonder if that would be a violation of the Dutch 'net neutrality' law...

My best guess would be that it is.


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