Congratulations to Germany, Netherlands and Portugal ;-)

Eric Vyncke (evyncke) evyncke at
Tue Jan 8 17:02:03 CET 2013

BTW, a common requirements for people buying CGN is indeed to be able to put limits on the number of ports used by a subscriber and to be able to log all mappings (or being able to make them predictable).

Hopefully, CGN 'users' will understand that IPv6 is easier and cheaper


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> Am 12/17/12 10:57 AM, schrieb Benedikt Stockebrand:
> > I personally haven't taken much interest in PCP because I expect large
> > scale CGN and DS-Lite to be fairly shortlived, but at this point I
> > really wonder how ISPs are intending to deal with malicious
> > denial-of-service and/or customers starting e.g. BitTorrent clients
> > that need 750 connections each (number according to Alain
> > Fiocco/Cisco, at the German IPv6 Summit two weeks ago).
> My guess is: they don't until it happens the first time. When it happens,
> they run to their vendor and just buy another firewall to block the "bad"
> traffic. :-)
> cheers,
> Thorsten

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