6to4 status (again)

Brzozowski, John Jason jjmb at jjmb.com
Tue Feb 26 13:23:27 CET 2013

Kevin we have not seen an increase (I will check again) however we are
starting to measure more closely the # of hosts using our 6to4 relays (on
the Comcast network).  We are also contemplating some customer outreach to
encourage customer to disable the use of 6to4.  Given the #s we see our
concern is that many are using 6to4 unknowingly and it may be impacting
their experience.


On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 4:48 PM, Kevin Day <kevin at your.org> wrote:

> I know this was brought up in November, but I didn't see much of a
> consensus…
> We run one of the public 6to4 relays. Lately traffic to it has been
> growing very rapidly and I'm really not sure why. Other people shutting
> their public relays down? More AAAA records are making more people fall
> back to 6to4? Idiots using it for DDoS?
> For most of 2012 the usage averaged about 50-100mbps, but lately we're
> seeing sustained levels of 500mbps-900mbps. I'd rather not deploy 10GE on
> our 6to4 box just to handle the traffic growth.
> Has anyone here looked at public 6to4 usage recently and seen similar
> trends?
> Part of me is thinking we should just rate limit the box to something more
> reasonable. While it's still running, it'll be slow enough that hopefully
> people will move to a better transitional technology. My fear is that it
> will cause more "v6 sucks, it's so slow" and people shut it off without
> looking at why.
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