Teamviewer, literals?

Stefan Neufeind v6ops at
Tue Feb 12 16:57:58 CET 2013

"Security" by reverse-DNS? Jippie ... :-)


On 02/12/2013 04:46 PM, Dick Visser wrote:
> Looks like using literals is by design.
> This is what I got back from Teamviewer"
> 8<---------------------------------------------------------
> Thank you very much for your message.
> 1. We don't support IPv6 at all yet, for this we will submit a feature request.
> 2. The TeamViewer-Client will always connect to IP-adresses instead of
> Hostnames. That's the current design right now. Is possible this can
> change in the future, but we don't know yet.
> 3. Some smart Proxies do a Reverse-DNS lookup automatically and
> because of that it is normally enough to white-list *
> Perhaps yours can be configured to do so.
> 4. If it is possible you may open up Port 5938 outgoing for
> TeamViewer. That would be a solution, too.
> 5. Perhaps some sort of Custom-Router could help solve the problem.
> If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again.
> 8<---------------------------------------------------------

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