multiple prefixes

David Magda dmagda at
Sat Feb 9 15:16:52 CET 2013


Is anyone doing two or more prefixes per VLAN? Specifically I'm toying with the idea of having a provider dependent (PD) prefix which uses the privacy options (RFC 3041/4941) for external surfing, and a ULA-based prefix for internal traffic (using EUI for better logging).

From what I could find, there aren't any RA options to specify whether privacy options should be used on a per prefix basis. You'd have to use DHCPv6, with IA_TA for privacy-desired prefixes, and IA_NA for the ULA prefixes. (Of course ISC DHCPd doesn't support sending out multiple prefixes as of the current 4.2.x series.)

Has anyone done this, or considered doing it? Pros/cons? 

Thanks for any info.


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