IPV6 Minimom alocation for recidential customers

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Tue Aug 20 16:57:13 CEST 2013

* Jeroen Massar

> On 2013-08-20 15:37 , Tayeb Meftah wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> i am planing a lab to build a Recidential ISP Platform
>> i have a tunneled /48 and i cut of 4 of /64 for routing use (OSPFV3)
>> what's the current recomandation for recidential IPV6 assignement?
> The recommendation depends on the RIR region, but typically a /48 should
> be routed to the customer.

In the RIPE region where I believe Tayeb is based, the minimum allowed
by policy is a single /64 and there is no maximum (although for larger
than /48 paperwork is required). Cf. ripe-589 section 5.4.1. Other than
that the policy makes no recommendations.

FWIW, my ISP gives me a /60, which works just fine for me. My parents
get a /62 from a different ISP. No complaints from them either - but I
don't think they have any clue about any of this though. :-)


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