IPV6 Minimom alocation for recidential customers

Arturo Servin aservin at lacnic.net
Tue Aug 20 16:40:53 CEST 2013

	So it seems that we agree.


On 8/20/13 11:36 AM, Jeroen Massar wrote:
>> > 	It may be some bias from some organizations or individuals in those
>> > regions, but at the end the decision of using /64, /60, /56 or /48
>> > depends on the ISP alone.
> As prefixes are allocated based on the amount of address space one
> needs, the ISP receives that allocation from RIR based on the intended
> usage. As such, it is also expected that the space is actually used for
> those purposes.
> Next to that there is a very nice IETF recommendation too...
> If ISPs are just going to give a single /64 to end-sites, then they
> could just as well just stick with IPv4.

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