Amount of announced IPv4-space by ASN not announcing IPv6?

Fred Baker (fred) fred at
Tue Aug 13 21:38:11 CEST 2013

On Aug 13, 2013, at 11:49 AM, Martin Millnert <martin at> wrote:

> And yes, there are some large /8s, and public space is perhaps not
> really indicative of number of end-hosts, etc, but even so, I think it
> is a very interesting statistic to have, in addition to the
> (pessimistic) 16.6% number.

I'm not sure the number is as pessimistic as it might sounds. We have to expect a Pareto distribution, which is to say some rule in which a large percentage of address space is in use by a relatively small number of networks. I think I heard that the networks that advertise 70% of the IPv4 address space are also advertising IPv6 address space. The fact that this represents 16.6% of the AS's out there would seem to confirm to an 80/20 rule.

The logical next steps will be for hosting providers like Amazon and Go Daddy to include IPv6 as well as IPv4 for hosted sites, and for residential broadband companies to provide IPv6 access to their customers. As near as I can tell, that music is already starting to play.

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