route6: 2A00::/12

Manish Karir mkarir at
Sat Oct 20 21:58:38 CEST 2012

Hi Antonio,

Yes. Merit is in the process of running a large IPv6 darknet experiment. Our goal is to announce every allocated /12 (1 from each RIR) first sequentially and then together. We conducted a 1hr test announcement on wed and to the best of knowledge we did not break anything. 
These announcements will each last 1 week each starting Nov 1. 
Your more specific announcements in BGP should still get all your data correctly routed to you. However if you have noticed any strange behavior please let us know. 


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just saw a new entry in RADB for 2A00::/12 and was wondering if could be
a fat-finger issue as our IPv6 prefix (a /29) actually belongs to that /12.

route6: 2A00::/12
descr: MERIT Network Inc.
 1000 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 200
 Ann Arbor
 MI 48104, USA
origin: AS237
mnt-by: MAINT-AS237
remarks: This announcement is part of an RIPE approved
 experiment. For additional information please
 send email to mkarir at
source: RADB
changed: ljb at 20121017

Anyone aware of this experiment?

Thank you

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