IPv6 Firewall on CPEs - Default on or off

Benedikt Stockebrand me at benedikt-stockebrand.de
Mon Nov 26 16:22:10 CET 2012

Hi Philipp and rest,

> Yay, associating IPv6 deployment with legal risks. And people might
> point them to the mail and assume willfulness. Great job.

face it, no matter what you do or don't do as a professional, there is
always a risk that you'll be held responsible for what you do---and
being measured by professional standards at that, too.

I thought I made a distinction between actually behaving irresponsibly
and risking to be sued for allegedly behaving irresponsibly.  The
first case is a matter of actually doing something unprofessional,
stupid or negligent, while the other is a matter of someone claiming
you to have done so and giving you a hard time, wasting lots of your
time and money and risking to deal with a judge who doesn't understand
a word of anything you say anyway.

Hope this makes it clearer.



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