OT: cheap colo space in Southern Germany/Munich

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Sun Nov 25 12:54:25 CET 2012

On Sun, 2012-11-25 at 09:52 +0100, Garry Glendown wrote:

> On 25.11.2012 02:28, Noel Butler wrote:
> > Yes, I too am one of the people who ignored IPv6 for so long because
> > mainly of the "boy who cried wolf" IPv6 exhaustion syndrome  that
> > we've been hearing from back in the mid, then late 90's and early
> > naughties (all claiming exhaustion within 2 years) .... here we are,
> > only running out in 2012, had all those kiddies not cried wolf for
> > nearly 2 decades, and only started to yell out a few years back (when
> > factual real evidence started to be seen), maybe, just maybe, the IPv6
> > ignorance would not be so prevalent.

> If nobody had "cried wolf" when they did, the net would have probably
> ran out v4 addresses by 2000. Address usage increase slowed because
> mitigation techniques were implemented; problem is they worked too well,

absolute bullshit, you would be awesome in some propaganda dept.

> lulling everybody back to sleep ... that's why we're still stuck with
> all the NAT crap, and have now even gotten worse with Carrier-grade NAT
> to further mitigate the growing scarcity ... imagine the stupidity -
> carriers and providers spending money for temporary solutions in order
> to avoid spending money on the actual solution of the problem. And of
> course the usual finger pointing ... it's always the others' fault ...
> I'd say: Everybody that doesn't have basic v6 in 2012 is to blame. At
> least for not kicking their service provider/hoster/hardware
> supplier/etc. for not delivering v6.
> Oh well... time to just sit back and watch for the panic to get a hold
> of customers and come to their rescue. For a premium. ;)

Actually, when you consider how much of the world is IPv4 and how much
is IPv6, it wont be that much of a problem for 99% of users for years to
come, given all the existing big players always have plenty of stock,
just because there's less than a /8 available in a region, doesnt mean
there is not multiple /8's issued but not in use ready to satisfy future
In AU the top 4 players could handle IPv4 for another several years
growth, before the need to dual stack end users, for a further 5 years
before phasing out IPv4, and I would be highly surprised if thats not
the case in ever country.
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