OT: cheap colo space in Southern Germany/Munich

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Sun Nov 25 09:24:10 CET 2012

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 11:28:28AM +1000, Noel Butler wrote:

> So Germany is moving ahead in strides with IPv6 allocation, since the OP
> requires Southern Germany as a requirement for being local, surely that

Local, as in how the car drives. Not as the packets fly.

We've had a conference in OpenQwaq (server in the US)
recently with users in Europe, US, New Zealand, and despite
realtime requirements (audio and video) it worked
surprisingly well. 

> now destroys the only reachable by 1% argument...

There might be cases, where you only serve local
users, but that's quite pathological. 

But even assuming if:



Germany: IPv6 adoption 0.51%

In anotyher 10 years you might have a case.
> Reminds me of..
> Internet:  "We're changing, you need to alter your business models too"
> Hollywood" " No NO NOOOOOOOOOOO  F#@Q  you! we are going to stick to our
> old business models so go way"
> Internet:  *laughs*
> Commentator:  Hollywood did (extremely slowly) change as they soon
> realised they had to,  to survive.
> Me: No Internet based business is a set and forget model,  the old
> saying  "Times change, we need to too or get left behind"
> Cheers,
> Noel
> footnote:
> Yes, I too am one of the people who ignored IPv6 for so long because
> mainly of the "boy who cried wolf" IPv6 exhaustion syndrome  that we've
> been hearing from back in the mid, then late 90's and early naughties
> (all claiming exhaustion within 2 years) .... here we are, only running
> out in 2012, had all those kiddies not cried wolf for nearly 2 decades,
> and only started to yell out a few years back (when factual real
> evidence started to be seen), maybe, just maybe, the IPv6 ignorance
> would not be so prevalent. 

None of my own data points confirm it. People will only react when
there's a reachability problem. Or, when a developer saw a funny
address in the logs she was unfamiliar with. "IPv6? What's that?"
Don't me started with a particular application, which has no
clue about CIDR.

> But I think Australia is similar to, but still well behind Germany -
> small players offering it, large players have tested, but as yet, failed
> to roll out, so the 1% is fact over here :)


says 0.27% for Australia.

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