Current IPv6 deployment methods in datacentres.

Michael Adams madams at
Tue Nov 13 09:28:27 CET 2012

Am 12.11.2012 20:52, schrieb Yannis Nikolopoulos:

>> For residential customers the BRAS assigns a /64 from a dynamic pool
>> and announces it on the WAN side. The CPE gets the /48 by prefix delegation
>> from another dynamic pool.
> we do the same, but we're assigning a /56 via PD. /48 for a simple broadband user sounds a bit too much, doesn't it?

It depends on the ears :) There are pro's and con's about /48 for
residential customers. After all we decided to go for a /48 for
every customer.

>> For business customers it will be the same.
>> But without PD.
> dynamic protocol?

In most cases the access router will get the customer routes from radius.

>>> what about the customer who have requirement more than /48 ?
>> They will have to follow the RIPE procedures in order to get
>> larger IPv6 space.
> are you still talking about your own PA space?

Yes. If a (business) customer needs more than a /48 and if this is covered
by the RIPE policies he can get another /48 from our PA space.

On the residential side it's limited to one /48. For now :)


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