Skype 8 does not support ipv6

Cameron Byrne cb.list6 at
Fri Nov 2 15:10:24 CET 2012

Yet another year goes by, and Skype still remains one of the most popular
apps, and thus its ipv4 dependence blocks meaningful ipv6-only adoption.
Skype  is the poster child of ipv4 dependence.  This engineering failure at
Microsoft (owns Skype) pushes cost on to other actors in the internet
ecosystem and is a market failure where a more costly and more cgn broken
internet is the result.  See the official tweet below stating no support.

That said, does Skype's dependence on ipv4 and its deep integration with
win8 and winphone 8 disqualify win8 from certain USA government purchases?
Not comply with RIPE purchasing guidelines?

I am a generally very pro "let the market deside", but this is clearly a
market failure and i think we need more "official" pressure brought to
Microsoft on this issue. Skype is too big to fail :(

For now, i certainly will not be buying win8 or using Skype.

(sent from a v6 only android phone that works great for this power user, no


SkypeTalks (@SkypeTalks) tweeted at 10:33 AM on Thu, Nov 01, 2012:
. @theipv6guy @IP_v6 Not at this time, sorry. #Skypetalk

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