Tayga as NAT64 only, not router

Bjørn Mork bjorn at mork.no
Mon Mar 19 09:50:42 CET 2012

Andy Davidson <andy at nosignal.org> writes:
> On 16 Mar 2012, at 18:51, Dick Visser wrote:
>> I guess adding a MASQUERADE step using a large enough RFC1918 block
>> is the only way out here?
> Or using a stateful NAT64 (*vomit in mouth*) gateway ?  Have you
> considered this ?  Is the software availability good ?

Won't tayga + masquerading equal stateful NAT64?  Is there any better
solution? Somehow I don't see any advantages to doing this in one step
instead of two simple ones.

> I ask because, well, if each v6 client will consume a v4 address on
> the 64 gateway, this does not help us sidestep the v4 exhaustion issue
> very cleanly. :-)

Only the ones actually needing access to the v4 Internet.

By implementing a few application specific solutions on IPv6 (like http
proxy and smtp gateway) and agressivily filtering unwanted IPv4 traffic,
you can easily keep that number considerably lower than "all clients".


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