IPv6 BGP TE (was Couldflare routing problems)

Sascha Lenz slz at baycix.de
Sat Jun 23 07:34:53 CEST 2012


> Hi Sasha,
> Sure, if you apply that definition that's another way to skin the cat; Cost as a factor comes to mind on the below - obviously much cheaper to have a single /32, yet being where we are and the lowest common denominator tending to rule, obviously that just needs to be understood as a cost on doing business, and as an architectural consideration for enterprises, content providers or other.
> One use-case that is valid globally for v6 TE and one I'm sure we're all or will be impacted by - DDoS. 
> - Using TE to pull an impacted /48 or other /36 or /xy whatever is very valid
> - Getting that Chinese, Russian, USA or international traffic away from your other customers to be cleaned
> - It's a use-case commonly used globally for v4 DDoS TE ie. advert of a /24 or multiples of to pull impacted traffic into a cleaning centre
> - Yes off-ramping and advert of a /32 and de-avert in other places will work - assuming you have the capacity, it's just not a desirable scenario.
> - Perhaps it's a moot issue and the TE use-case will simply work we'll enough with the majority of the v6 world accepting /48's;
> Thoughts?

Let's go back and see what you initially asked for:

> >       • What's your suggestion as to BCP for the scenario?
> >

The BCP. Let me write that out: _best(!) current_ practice

But now you're making it about money and bad design choices due to money issues.
That's a totally different thing.

If you want to join the dark side, enable your CEO to brag about
how much money he saved by employing cheap network engineers, buying way to small internet pipes and
misuse RIR resources to other C-level guys at the golf course, then the same rules as in the IPv4 world do indeed apply:

There is no global routing police or central routing authority - if it works for you and you don't feel ashamed, so be it.
And of course things and policies can be changed in the future ( best _current_ practice ), no doubt about that. 
For example there are discussions about to do away with the historic difference between PA and PI space in the RIPE region at least.
While still in infant stage, if the policy changes sometimes in the future, the BCP also might change.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind Regards

Sascha Lenz [SLZ-RIPE]
Senior System- & Network Architect

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