v4 vs v6 issue with facebook

"Roger Jørgensen" roger at jorgensen.no
Thu Jun 14 08:49:39 CEST 2012

I know I'm not the only one that have seen this but anyway here we go, a
morning rant.
(The setup at home is IPv4/IPv6 on the same LAN, any device get both if
they support both)

First off, it's really really great that facebook have enabled A and AAAA
on their primary hostname, excellent :-)

A while back I started to notice that www.facebook.com and
www.v6.facebook.com had a delay. I could do an update on either side and
it took a while (some hours) before it was seen on the "other" side. Same
seen both from windows and mac, different browsers and different IPv4
and/or IPv6 network, it's related to the IPv4 and IPv6 itself.

After 6.June, or in reality a few days earlier, when Facebook introduced
AAAA on www.facebook.com I started to notice the same delay, my wife
confirmed it a few days ago by complaining about not updated comments on a
picture we both have commented on and know who have said what on. Seems
like the ticket is desynched to from the comments, we both see the notice
about a comment but can't find it anywhere on the above mention picture.

Earlier today (GMT+1 time) I did a few comments from home over v6, now, 2
hours later I can still not see them over v4...



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