enabling IPv6 on Cisco 6500 breaks IPv4 Internet connectivity.

Liviu Pislaru liviu.pislaru at rcs-rds.ro
Sun Jun 3 14:18:44 CEST 2012

> I've also heard some suggestions recently that storing the global 
> table in a VRF uses 2x the space than it would without. I cannot speak 
> from personal experience, but you may wish to spend some time 
> researching and/or experimenting without that 'feature', also.
> But even then, it's only going to come down to how the TCAM space is 
> partitioned...
> Tom

this is true Tom.
you may check it with:
# sh mls cef summary

then compare with:
# sh mls cef maximum-routes

and maybe adjust with:
config)# mls cef maximum-routes ipv6 ...
config)# mls cef maximum-routes ip-multicast ...

if this is suitable for you (in case of vrf lite for example) you may 
use only one label for VRF with this command:
config)# mpls label mode all-vrfs protocol bgp-vpnv4 per-vrf

reducing ~ 400.000 entries (MPLS routes) from TCAM (for every prefix in 
BGP table).


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