Asian IPV6 tunnel any help ?

Meftah Tayeb tayeb.meftah at
Tue Jul 24 21:01:05 CEST 2012

Hello folks,
remember i was looking to use SIXXS for some lab / testing
unfortunatly i have no luck at all with SIXXS, and please don't ASK *WHY* 
cause the discution will never end.
ok so now i got a 6In4 tunnel in europ, thank to someone (i can't say it 
my wish was to setup a anycasted broadcasting system and i'm *SURE* that i 
won be able to do that without any BGP As number.
so, please anyone want to ofer me a 6IN4 tunnel in any pop in asia ?
*EXCEPT OF HE.NET* i know it's open but i don't want to use it.
sadly i have no way to get a VPS in SG or JP or anywhere in the world due to 
lake of eBanking and visa cards in this algeria poor country.
otherwise i would have bought a VPS and tunneled through it.
Thank everyone,
    Meftah Tayeb
IT Consulting
phone: +21321656139
Mobile: +213660347746 

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