CloudFlare IPv6 BGP announcements - WTF guys?

Sascha Luck lists at
Mon Jul 16 23:36:35 CEST 2012

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 11:14:07PM +0200, Oliver wrote:
>Absolutely not, on the contrary, my argument is that 
>doing such a thing would be a misuse of PI space.
>The solution is to announce what you're given 
>without deaggregating - 

So rules and regulations should supercede operational
necessities, such as they may be?
The Internet has changed since 1995 and the system 
devised by the wise old men does just not fit the 
current usage anymore. 

If allocation/assignment policies do not fit the current 
use cases anymore, *policies* will have to change rather 
than forcing operators into a model designed by a few
people in the 1990s. 
This may or may not also involve the design of a routing
protocol that can handle this new paradigm.

>that's not my opinion so much as a fact of life given
>that AS operators can and do perform strict filtering 
>of the IPv6 DFZ.

Which, IMO does a lot more harm to ipv6 adoption than
a few deagreggated /48s in a routing table that is by 
no means crowded (yet) anyway.

inet6.0: 9587/9587/9587/0

meh, excuse me for not panicking just yet...


Sascha Luck

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