Small cisco boxes doing IPv6?

Marco Hogewoning mch-v6ops at
Tue Jan 10 16:19:21 CET 2012

Hi Guys,

If somebody from Cisco reads this, feel free to contact me off list, but maybe somebody else has something running and can confirm this as well.

We are looking into buying some small routers for some internal training and testing. Primarily this will focus on IPv6, but we also want to cover more generic routing concepts (OSPF, BGP). We are really talking concepts here, having a couple of boxes that exchange a handful of routes, so performance is not that big of an issue. However to make the setup as versatile as possible, we do need the biggest feature set possible.

We are looking at a combination of a couple of 1921s and a 2921, which have hardware specs (port numbers) that match the setup we have in mind. However  we got a bit swamped at which software version and licenses we need. The datasheets and feature navigator give most of the answers, but not all :(

In short. the features we want, besides basic IPv6 networking, are:

- OSPFv3
- IPv6 on IS-IS
- IPv6 on BGP (both route exchange and neighbors)
- IPv6 over IPv4 tunnelling (stateful/stateless)
- Support for IPv6 ACL would be nice but won't be a deal breaker

And for reference the IPv4 equivalents of the above, but we assume that backwards compatibility to v4 is less of an issue :) I consider multicast a bonus, but we can live without.

Is there anybody that has this feature set successfully running or tested on the systems mentioned (19xx/29xx) and more important, which version/license do you run.



PS: for flexibility, we probably will add the security license as well

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