Android IPv6-only Functionality -- Call for help

Cameron Byrne cb.list6 at
Tue Jan 10 06:57:32 CET 2012


Now that IPv6 is a supported 3G interface protocol for the Google
Nexus S phone, i have begun the process of finding broken apps and
trying to get them fixed.  My focus is IPv6-only 3G access, not WiFi
or dual-stack.  Here is my current list of verified apps.  Note, this
is a moving target and "live" document and by no means complete. It is
just a starting point for trying to improve the situation.


If you are able to test Android apps with IPv6 and verify that they
work or don't, please channel that info back to me and i can update
the list

If you have a relationship with a company that has a broken app (it
does  not work with IPv6-only), please influence them to fix it and
support IPv6.

Here is the email i just sent off to the broken app authors in my list.


I am writing you because your app does not work properly with IPv6 on
the Nexus S with ICS software on the T-Mobile USA IPv6 beta network.

IPv6, as you may know, is a key and relevant technology for mobile
networks and your support of IPv6 will be crucial to your app's
success as mobile network operators around the work transition to

Here is some more details regarding the T-Mobile USA network IPv6 beta

Here is where we are tracking the status of your apps




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