RIPE-501 ICT L2 vendor support?

Martin Millnert martin at
Sun Aug 19 12:19:25 CEST 2012

Hi list,

I'm trying to find a single vendor (at least) with LAN switches
supporting -
Requirements for enterprise/ISP grade "layer 2 switch" equipment.

Ie (~cut'n'paste):
      * MLDv2 snooping [RFC4541] 
      * DHCPv6 snooping [RFC3315] 
      * Router Advertisement (RA) filtering [RFC4862, RFC5006] 
      * Dynamic "IPv6 neighbour solicitation/advertisement" inspection
      * Neighbour Unreachability Detection [NUD, RFC4861] filtering 
      * Duplicate Address Detection [DAD, RFC4429] snooping and

I'm having trouble finding support for essentially anything except RA
Guard and MLDv2 snooping.

J for sure isn't compliant (well-known), but I'm not finding vendor C
support either.  Or a couple others. Is there any?


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