Akamai ipv6.akamai.net changes

Bernhard Schmidt berni at birkenwald.de
Fri Aug 17 23:36:28 CEST 2012

On 17.08.2012 19:16, Frank Bulk wrote:


> Just after midnight Central Akamai changed their AAAA records from
> 	2001:418:2401:9::8367:8929
> 	2001:418:2401:9::8367:8940
> 	(NTT address space)
> to
> 	2600:1407:1:2::b833:9cb9
> 	2600:1407:1:2::b833:9ca9
> 	(Akamai's own ARIN-assigned address space)
> Wonder if that's indicative of anything going on with their IPv6 rollout.

You just got routed to another Akamai cluster. Nothing new here, happens 
in IPv4 as well.

I'd be more interested if someone else is seeing bad geolocation for 
IPv6-enabled Akamai in the past weeks. One of my networks used to be 
quite good around IPv6 launch day, but degraded ever since


Used to use my Upstream's cluster 4ms away, then switched to switch.ch 
(around 21ms), with a brief episode of going across the atlantic 
yesterday. Wrote to noc at akamai.com, no answer so far.


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