Current Consensus on IPv6 Customer Allocation Size

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On Thu, Aug 02, 2012 at 12:56:16PM +0200, Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
> > Something tells me that you're not having 16 *billion* customers, but
> > more like 16 *million*.  Right?  That's 2^24, plus some :-) -> /24-ish
> > needed to give out /48s
> Well, I intended "the world as a whole", with each person having 1-2 
> mobile devices. I was unclear. I tried to make a point that this is 
> definitely possible to hand out /48 to everything, 

True.  My calculation for this sort of came from the other end - in 
FP001, we have 45 bits to number /48, and that will give a 1000 /48s
"to every human earth can sustain".

OTOH, we'll not be able to tightly fill allocations, so it might *not*
actually work out nicely in the end - and that, I think, prompted
Geoff Huston to change the RIPE policies to move away from "a /48 for
every end site" (if subnetting is wanted) to something more flexible.

> but are RIRs ready for such requests?

Well, the RIRs today hold a /12 each, so there's some space to be given
out... and more /12s are sitting in IANA's storage.

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