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Arjan Van Der Oest Arjan at voiceworks.nl
Fri Sep 16 14:10:39 CEST 2011

On 16Sep, 2011, at 14:00 , Jeroen Massar wrote:

>> I have the same contacts at Xpertdata, thanks for the offer ;-)
> Hmm, I was more thinking of the people who actually did the code for
> adding TSP and AICCU to the firmware, but heck, if you want to go
> through the importer, enjoy ;)

I assumed you were referring to the importer, if you have contacts directly with Draytek that might be even more useful.

>> Agree, but since 6rd and 6in4 are currently not supported: hence my
>> question.
> 6in4 definitely is supported. As stated in the rest of my message they
> are running on a Linux kernel and they also support the full set of
> AICCU, thus static 6in4, heartbeated 6in4 and of course AYIYA which uses
> tun/tap.

As I said in my earlier email it seems that 6in4 is supported via the CLI since firmware 1.4.0, but not via the GUI. And since (to complete the picture) many of the CPE's are not managed by me/us and GUI support is sort of a requirement.

> Through your distributor, well yes, then it will take time unless you
> are a rather extremely large customer ;)

We have decent contacts with the distributor and have reported many issues especially related to VoIP, but a direct contact with Draytek will never hurt.

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