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Arjan Van Der Oest Arjan at voiceworks.nl
Fri Sep 16 13:50:44 CEST 2011

On 16Sep, 2011, at 13:20 , Jeroen Massar wrote:

> That is indeed the point. As now you are starting your question from the
> middle of the equation while there are other options that might fit better.

Well, I'm used to asking non-ambigious questions that can be answered with non-ambigious answers. The how and why is not really relevant to my question: does anyone know a TSP solution? But ymmv :-)

>> Because Draytek does not support it.
> And to circle back to the 'current installed base', I assume that you
> currently have Draytek already deployed

That deduction seems only logical, yes.

> and thus it would 'merely' be a
> firmware upgrade away, because if that is the case I am very sure that
> you can make Draytek listen to that, having seen that they support both
> TSP and TIC/AYIYA/heartbeat and they are running off a Linux kernel, for
> them to add 6rd would be minimal effort.

Sure, but the truth is that *currently*, as in now Friday september the 16th it is not supported. Any development, regression testing and field deployment is going to take weeks if not months.

> If you want I can pass Draytek contacts who should be able to get you to
> the right people for getting that feature in.

I have the same contacts at Xpertdata, thanks for the offer ;-)

> IMHO it is always best to first list the 'current haves' and then the
> 'what we wants' and go from there, thus your statement of effectively "I
> need a TSP server" does not make clear to me if you tried to look at the
> alternatives, and that is something that might give insight to other
> folks on why you did or did not select that.

Although I can understand your curiosity and appreciate your willingness to assist me, I respectfully disagree.

When I e-mail a TAC with the question "what box supports VRRPv3" I would be surprised when they ask me "what are you trying to accomplish" ;-)

> The "IPv6 Transition Mechanism / Tunneling Comparison":
> http://www.sixxs.net/faq/connectivity/?faq=comparison
> comes to mind too. TSP is thus primarily useful for when you have
> endusers who are behind a NAT and have changing addresses.

Agree, but since 6rd and 6in4 are currently not supported: hence my question.

> which would mean quickly kicking the vendor to maybe add support.

Consider it already done.

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