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On 16Sep, 2011, at 12:11 , Jeroen Massar wrote:

> While that answers that part of the question (that you have selected a
> draytek and thus need TSP), it does not answer the problem that you are
> trying to solve ;)

The problem I'm trying to solve is obvious : I want to utilize TSP for providing IPv6 connectivity. You mean it's not clear to you why I'm looking at TSP rather than other mechanism's :-)

The answer is, current installed base, combined with:

> I assume that you have a userbase on IPv4 who cannot get native IPv6.


> Are you in that case the direct IPv4 ISP of those users


> then there are two questions:
> a) why no native IPv6? (cost, hardware, etc?)

For the moment: telco-, equipment- and businesscase limitations. All of these will eventually be solved but I don't want to wait with providing IPv6 connectivity until these issues are solved.

> b) why don't use 6rd?

Because Draytek does not support it.

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