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Fri Sep 16 11:20:35 CEST 2011

Hello Pim, Meftah and list,

"Meftah Tayeb" <tayeb.meftah at> writes:

> i am just looking for a alternative way.

Since you are talking VoIP, you really shouldn't consider using a
tunnel for connectivity; you really want to avoid the latency impact.

> i don't need this stupid SixXs at all anymore.

Do you actually realize *why* they need some amount of information?
If the legal situation is at least remotely like here in Germany (both
are part of the EU) they would be taking some serious legal risks if
they can't reliably identify their users.  In case the police shows up
with a warrant and requests them to do so, they may face serious legal

Hurricane Electric either doesn't care about such issues or is running
its service only in countries where abuse by unidentified users isn't
a legal problem to the provider.

Beyond that, SixXS is a free service.  It basically boils down to "You
get what you pay for"; it's fine if you want to use IPv6 in a lab
setup, but if you need business grade services, then find a business
grade provider and pay them business grade fees.  If you really want
to use a tunnel, check for their POP partners.

Finally, have you actually read the FAQ Pim pointed to?  I haven't
taken a look at it for quite some time, but when I checked it a couple
years ago I found it rather well written.

> also, Pim, are you Pim for Multicast? no IGMP? :D

No, he's one of the two people who started SixXS.



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