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On Sep 6, 2011, at 12:02 PM, Thomas Schäfer wrote:

> Hi,
> according to
> is anywhere a overview of mobile-devices, like umts/lte-sticks and mobile-phones, supporting IPv6? (not WLAN/Wi-Fi)
> Which protocols are used for "dial in", assigning IP-adresses and so on?
> What is "common" at huawei, zte, samsung and ericsson?

Hi Thomas,

Bot that I am aware off, but we are happy to stand corrected if such a list does exist.

The issue of handheld support and more importantly the fact there aren't any sources providing an overview of what is out in the field has been raised multiple times as a response to the CPE work. It also got mentioned at the IPv6 roundup discussion at the last RIPE Meeting (RIPE 62) for which the archives can be found at

The main basis to create an overview similar to the CPE survey ones is feedback from people using or testing with IPv6 capable devices. And more important wether those people are willing or allowed to publish such results as a lot of work in this field involves prototype test that are subject to non disclosure agreements.

The most straightforward answer I ever got while discussing this issue was that it would be no use doing a survey as there is nothing out there that supports IPv6. I know this is the easy answer and it is not true. Over the years I have come across several models of handsets that supported IPv6 over 3GPP based connections. Some of these were also covered by NDA do I am not allowed to post any details. Some other experiments have made it to the public domain in the form of presentations.

For instance the presentation from Jan Zorz about a slovenian experiment in which they used Nokia handsets (archived at The archives of the some of the Netnod meetings also contain some presentations on this topic. They can be accessed via the presentation titles should lead you.

I hope this helps and should anybody on this list have more information on what is out there I would love to hear about it. I am sure that if somebody would provide an overview of some sort we can arrange to publish it alongside the CPE overview on the RIPE labs platform.


(original author of the CPE survey)

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