Transferring /8 networks between the RIRs

Sascha Lenz slz at
Thu Nov 24 09:01:10 CET 2011


>>> I was wondering if there has been any thoughts or consideration to
>>> transfer unassigned /8 networks between the Regional registries to
>>> mitigate registries (like APNIC) that have already exhausted their pool.
>> Well.  This is not exactly on-topic on an *IPv6*-ops mailing list.
> My apologies to all if I mis-interpreted the purpose of this list.
> Regardless, the responses clarify a number of things I had not
> considered before. That helps.

i don't think that you're actually on the wrong list for the general question,
just if you want to CHANGE something (policy), you might be wrong, especially
if it's for legacy addresses :-)

>> What sort of deployment are you thinking about?  The interesting thing
>> today should be *IPv6* deployment, and you don't need IPv4 for that...
> More or less the dual stack argument. But more thinking later, yeah, you
> are right. It wouldn't help.
> The point Cameron/SM make is very true too. There is no fair. All
> parties have their own interest which skews everything.

The best answer(s) for you might be:

a) Don't try to waste your time on IPv4 anymore at all, no need for dual stack, 
   at some point there won't be any (affordable) legacy addresses available anymore anyways
b) There seem to be some policy discussions about transferring address space
   between RIRs[1], so you might want to look at the policy lists of all the RIRs. 
   If you want to go down the road you were thinking of, it might be a better
   idea to pursue this (transfer of unused prefixes between RIRs) than to 
   mess with the general /8 distribution.

[1] for example but i'm not involved
    in the ARIN region, no idea about its real intention or current status

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