Transferring /8 networks between the RIRs

Brandon Butterworth brandon at
Wed Nov 23 13:25:38 CET 2011

> I was wondering if there has been any thoughts or consideration to
> transfer unassigned /8 networks between the Regional registries to
> mitigate registries (like APNIC) that have already exhausted their pool.

All thought should be to doing v6 already, not fiddling with history
> The rules for distributing the last 5 networks to each RIR one seemed
> fair at a glance, but in retrospect not the most fair.

Perhaps but that game is over.

> Getting the whole globe acting in the same fashion at once might do more
> to get the deployment forward, maybe. Not so sure the world agrees with us.

Someone has to go first. Roll on 01-01-2013


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